Only if I look like her…

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard the line:

I’d absolutely go natural if my hair looked like yours!

I went through the same thing, when my mom sold me dreams of having the same wavy type curls as that girl from church.

What if I told you that my hair didnt even look like mine.

Contrary to popular belief I do not just wake up to a head full of bouncing, majestic curls. This head of hair takes some work. But unlike before, it no longer feels like a chore.  It’s my pleasure to treat my mane so that it can for lack of a better word, flourish.

But enough of that. This post is going to be a tell all, show all ( errrrrmerrrrghuuurd my life) display my hair in its most natural state then explain how I get it to the state you usually see it in kind of post.

Are you ready?



A good place to start is wash day. What you do on wash day will influence how healthy your hair looks and feels and how long your style will last.

Apple cider vinegar, available at most supermarkets. I use apple cider vinegar diluted with water in a spray bottle atleast once a month as a clarifying wash.
The Palmers range, my holy grail ever since Tresemmé naturals disappeared from the shelves. These products are available at most Clicks stores.
The perfect hair range, my “treat yo self” product line. It does wonders for my hair. Available from the ( it’s a proudly South African product guys, major thumbs up)
This bottle will be your best friend from wash day till 5 days after when the curls are no longer popping and need a spritz of water to revive them. Handy tip: I just up-cycle the spritzer bottles that I buy religiously at clicks. However dedicated spray bottles can be bought at dischem or hardware stores.
Some good combs will save your strands in the long run. The wider the teeth the better! China town is a good bet when looking for a wide toothed comb, and the amazing bamboo comb is available from (it’s so sturdy but really gentle on your hair)
These mini life savers come in so handy when detangling your hair. The ergonomic black clips are from The Perfect Hair and the other ol’ faithful from H&M
A lint free towel or cotton T-shirt is something you’ll need to get rid of excess moisture during wash time without drying out your tresses
Organic Root Stimulator HAIRepair Vital Oils for Hair & Scalp is life. This is my go-to oil because it contains all the good stuff and the first ingredient is grape seed oil and not a mineral oil and I think that’s pretty awesome
Perfect Touch Alcohol Free gel, because edges. I won’t include a photo of the toothbrush that lays the edges because no, just no 


  1. Start off with some crusty curls. In my case it’s usually 7 days after my previous wash day, which works out great because I try to plan wash day on a Friday evening or Saturday morning to allow adequate time for all the steps. Best believe it usually turns into a spa-day filled with a dope playlist accompanied by my false singing.
    Peep the collosal crust accompanied by fantastic frizz
  2. Then I get my hair real wet, a shower generally helps with this, then gently shampoo my hair with the palmers conditioning shampoo or The Perfect Hair Co-Wash. Once a month or when my hair is limp from product build up, this step is preceeded by an Apple Cider Vinegar wash.
    My hair can get really tangled throughout the washing process
  3.  Next I condition my hair with the palmers repairing conditioner and the fun of detangling begins. For this step your fingers are your best friend for finger detangling or else a wide/ long toothed comb is a good choice too if you’re in a bit of a rush.Finger detangling, when done properly, can take me anything from 30 minutes to an hour to finish but it’s really gentle on my hair so I love it
  4. Once a week I try to deep condition my hair. My go-to product is the deep deep conditioner by The Perfect Hair or one of the palmers deep conditioner or protein treatment sachets available from Clicks
    I let the deep conditioner chill for atleast 30 minutes before rinsing off
  5. After rinsing off all the good stuff I apply a good spritz of the palmers leave in conditioner followed by some of the ORS Vital Oils. If I’m doing a wash and go I either use the Palmers hair pudding or the The Perfect Hair Style cream applied liberally from root to tips followed by air dry or difusing it on cool setting. If I’m doing my usual braid out I prefer the Style cream over the hair pudding, it has better hold and doesn’t cause the flaking that the Palmers sometimes causes.
    I do a flat braid out as it’s easier to tuck away under a scarf and I love the definition and elongation I get when I use this method. Did I mention for my hair I found it better to apply minimal product when doing a braid out, it helps my hair dry faster and results in a fluffier fro
  6. I tuck the braids away under a scarf until they’re dry which is usually the next day. When I unravel the braids I make sure to have a nice layer of oil on my hands to minimise frizz while oiling up my ends especially.At this stage I lay my edges and #RespectTheDoek
  7. To create volume I use the long toothed comb I fluff out my roots a lot and the ends a little and call it a day

    I use the time doing my hair wash day duties to bond with myself and spread the self love. I have found that different products and processes have different effects on different hair-even when it appears to look the same porosity and microscopic structure of hair differs between individuals. So it’s important to play around and find out what works for you. This was my hair routine I hope you’ve learned at least one thing and if you have anything to teach me please be so kind as to leave a comment below


    4 Replies to “Only if I look like her…”

    1. Hey, Fro.ever! First off, this routine is just gold. I pretty much do the same thing. But what really helps is doing an oil treatment once a week (or once a month depending on your hair). It makes my detangling process much easier. I usually start off by spraying my fro with lukewarm water and applying a hot oil (usually a mix of grape seed and coconut), then putting a plastic bag over my head and covering with a scarf. I leave that on for about 30 mins to 1 hour (I usually take this time to reflect on the amount of money I spend on hair products. Hahaha!). I then rinse off and shampoo, deep condition, etc etc. Thank you for your advice and your blog. It’s inspiring and most of all empowering. 🙂

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