Confessions of an outgoing introvert 

I’ve spent a large portion of my life being really tired. Inexplicably so. I mean I tested just about everything. And being the hypochondriac that I am, I firstly diagnosed myself a hypochondriac but I also diagnosed myself with mononucleosis, anemia, low blood pressure, at one stage I was convinced I had a leaky heart.

None of these things are true.

The truth is, I am an introvert.

But I am also an outgoing introvert.
So I enjoy interactions with other humans,  so much so that some people would mistake me for an extroverted social butterfly. But alas my friends, this is not the case.
After a heavy day of peopleing I look forward to indulging in the simple pleasures of being alone.

Yes although this means I get to parade around pantsless and ugly sing to my hearts content without annoying the masses.
It mostly means I can introspect and analyse my day and interactions. I call it emotional stock taking. For someone who often ignores the way they feel,  it’s of utmost importance that this daily ritual takes place.

I only realised the extent of my introversion  when I moved out of my university residence and got to have a room to myself.I felt so energized everyday and had the moxie to complete daily tasks. That’s why being at home and not having a space of my own to regroup has left me more tired on holiday than I was during my working year.

Seeing as tho spending eons locked in the bathroom grasping desperately at some privacy and me-time, while a guest in someone’s house is not the most polite way to go about things. I’ve been forced to contemplate creative ways to re-energise and have sadly come up empty (please don’t tell me to go for a walk,  you know it’s hot as hell itself outside).

So instead I’ve decided to have a quick rant about it on my blog. In the hopes that all you introverts out there unite separately and that all you extroverts just give us a minute and that everybody remembers to practice self-love over this festive season. It is the season of giving.  But don’t forget to give to yourself too.

I may just go on that walk today. 

False. I’m more likely to laugh at relatable introvert memes on instagram to make me feel better.

Sarah 's scribbles

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