Style My Protective Style

So this summer I found myself frustrated. 

What do I do with this hair?

Like you know when you’ve been giving your hair love and treating it right after you grew it yourself. YOURSELF! 

Tired of being disrespected, I took the Fro to a salon and got myself some medium sized box braids, hello poetic justice.

Now if you know me at all,  you’ll know that usually I complain my afro then braid my hair early in summer. Complain excessively about the heat. Remove the style after two weeks. Then complain about wasting my time and money and go on a self loathing mission for a good couple of days.

But I’m happy to report that it’s been going much better this time around.

To celebrate I created my own style challenge (and I always seem to miss the style challenges on the natural hair blogs).

I gave myself one hour to document all the ways I could style my protective style

This is what happened…

Armed with the hair clip from my hair routine post and a piece of stocking ( I swear I will explain later). I managed to come up with 15 ways I’d actually wear my hair out.  I may have come up with more had I not spent a good portion of the time running from the mirror to this wall outside my house (lighting guys).

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I style my protective style. Please show me how you style yours with the hashtags #stylemyprotectivestyle and #froever and feel free to tag me in your posts so I can see how you style your protective styles.

Have a blessed and safe festive season to you and your families.


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