Curly Kristenite Speaks

This is the first FroEver Fridays First Friday of the Month Feature. This is a particularly special feature because it tells the story of a dear friend, Kristen Luckay. She may not have sparked my interest in blogging, but definitely played a key role in shoving me in the right direction. Kristen is the cheerleader and support system who spurred me on to actually get started.

Today she’ll be sharing her hairstory in her own words and daring us to be different.

” My earliest memories of my hair are associated with pain. “Suffer for beauty” – that’s what my parents always told me. A seemingly harmful sentiment that I don’t think they realised the magnitude of what they were teaching me. My parents unknowingly taught me that straight hair and going through suffering to achieve it was a normal thing. I don’t blame them because it’s common in many coloured households. It was and still is the norm to blow your hair for special occasions, weddings, 21sts and school photo days. You are not considered to be fully neatly dressed unless you “do your hair”. This was something I didn’t question until I was 23 years old.

During my High School years GHD’ing was the in thing. It seemed like everyone in my school had one and I remember a time when all I wanted was a GHD. My parents wouldn’t buy me such an expensive hair straightener and I continued to iron my hair with a clothing iron, resting my head as close as I could to our dinner table so that my roots could be properly done and didn’t give my game away. I didn’t really want people to know I did that and in the beginning I remember a lot of people were not open about using hair irons because they wanted to pass their hair of as more “styl” than other people’s.

In 2012 I dyed my hair blonde using bleach and that messed up my hair to the nth degree. It was fried because I had to bleach it more than once and it still only came out orange. Needless to say I didn’t like looking like an orangutan and decided I would dye my hair black again. The next day when I went to campus there was a CANSA shavathon and I decided to shave my hair and donate it to cancer patients. When it grew back it was so much curlier but I quickly started straightening and dying it again. 

In 2015 I came across a video by a Youtuber named SunKissAlba.  Her videos taught me was that I was actually damaging my hair by using heat and I realised that all those years of straightening and dyeing was what caused my hair not to curl anymore like it did when I was a child. I stopped using heat on my hair and it started to change. It was difficult at first because I had the urge to straighten it and had to deal with people’s negative reactions. Pretty soon my hair curled like it used to and I got a good routine down. The real change was in the way I viewed myself. I became more confident in my own skin. Before I never thought my curly hair was as beautiful as my straight hair but now I just see straight hair as an option rather than a necessity for beauty. “

Look at those spectacular curls

If you like what Kristenite typed and you are interested in the way Kristenite Speaks you can catch her videos,including a video on her hairstory on her YouTube channel.

You can also find her on

  • Facebook :@curlykristenite
  • Instagram :@curlykristenite

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Oh! and practice self-love one strand at a time. 


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