Colourful Curls: the charisma and the cons

I am a firm believer in expressing yourself and letting your beautiful personality shine through in whichever way you see fit.

One of the ways I chose to express myself, in a way that words couldn’t, was through my hair.  So firstly having returned natural and just about having the courage to chop the damaged bits off, I let it grow, let it grooow, relaxers didn’t bother me anymore. However, something else did, I was bored. My mousey brown hair just wasn’t doing it for me and having partaken in healthier hair practices, I indulged myself and began experimenting with different hair colours.


Now if you guys must know. I am stubbornly independent, and as a result I hate it when I can’t do something for myself. This is why I rarely go to doctors (hello hypochondriac) and never go to hair salons. So best believe I embarked on the journey of dying my hair the multitude of colours that it has been, all by my jolly self. Throughout this time box dyes were my best friend. My hair has been dyed light brown, dark brown when I was sick of that, back to a light brown when the mood struck me, a shade of auburn and then back to a dark chocolate brown. I’ve self applied highlights using the kair highlight kit and then went a shade of red that looked purple but not purple enough. I then decided to lighten my hair using a schwarzkopf hair lightener that I got on a spontaneous mission to Clicks. I also grabbed their Live Color XXL in the shade pink/purple because I actually wanted to be a blonde bombshell, but I was aware of the possibility of having orange hair from previous box dye attempts. So the purple/pink was my contingency plan.

And guess what. Orange hair, boy was I glad I got the semi-permanent dye because I was not ready to leave the house resembling an orangutan (they pull off the orange way better than I ever could). My hair however has a knack of never coming out the colour that I anticipate, and even though while colouring my hair it looked like I was metamorphosing into Lumpy Space Princess herself, my hair was ultimately more Flame Princess meets Princess Bubblegum than anything else.lrm_export_20170119_1208181

Can you imagine how annoyed I was, but what I expecting combining the pink/purple with orange, come on Terri-Ann. Anyway, I proceeded to ROCK this strange hue on my head because hey, my hair wasn’t its usual mousey brown so I was happy(ish). I eventually found the perfect shade of purple in a container of neon powder hair dye from Sheek Chick Hair Extensions.


I tried my best throughout the process to keep my hair as healthy as possible, with protein treatments, oil treatments and deep conditioning sessions whenever necessary. But somewhere throughout all the attempts at having my hair dyed, my hair died.

It just didn’t feel the same anymore

I was in denial for atleast 3-6 months about the state of my hair, but I’d keep just trimming off the frizzled ends. I found myself consoling myself with the lie: I’m natural so my hair will be okay. 

False. My hair was not okay!

The evening of the 4th of January 2017 I washed my hair, braided it and covered it up with the intention of rocking my braid-out the next day.On the morning of the 5th of January 2017, I discovered the flattest, most lifeless braid out I’d ever seen on my head. Cue: O.T. Genesis ft Young Dolph- Cut it, because that’s exactly what I did next.


I still have major hair envy when I see all the girls with colourful curls out there.

However I need to educate myself properly on how not to overdo it with the dye (uyaphapha!) and how to maintain colour treated hair, so I spoke to a couple of my hair crushes about how they maintain their colourful curls.

Mikhailah Wagner


Mikhailah has been natural from about May 2015, she cut her hair just below her chin after a bad dye job. She continued her colourful curly journey in December 2015, after visiting a salon to have her hair bleached and coloured to a turquoise hue. Her hair has been bleached and dyed multiple times (she’s donned about 6 colours so far) and knows what its like to have her hair feel brittle and dry. She combats this by staying away from heat as much as possible and using natural products that are free from sulfates. She swears by the Aunty Jackie’s line, the Pantene Intense Split-end repair serum and Garnier Ultimate Blends strength restore balm as a hair mask. She believes in being gentle to her curls and finger combs or uses a wide- tooth comb.

Her colour dupe tip is to mix conditioner and gentian violet (available at Clicks) to achieve an awesome purple colour.

You can follow her on:

  • Instagram: @natural_indigo
  • Snapchat: @natural_indigo

Jerry Davids


Jerry has been natural since November 2014. In her words:” I had cut my hair really short and embarked on a very cliche sounding, journey of self-discovery. You know how your mom blow dried your hair every Sunday evening for school the next week and those kind of things. All of that affected my self-confidence, but I don’t want to get into that sad story”.  Jerry is also a DIY babe, with her mom assisting her in the bleaching process using the KAIR Herbal bleach. Having bleached her 4 times already, she maintains her curls by using the Aunty Jackies brand and by using loads of kitchen ingredients such as avocado, bananas, olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, mayonnaise and yoghurt on her hair.

Her hair tip is to concentrate your hair care practices to the ends where your natural oils don’t reach easily, she smacks on a shower cap after applying her home remedies and treats her hair.

You can find Jerry on:

  • Instagram: @jerryceedavids

Anke Houtzamer


Anke is no stranger to dyeing her hair but has recently bleached her hair. She says “I know what peoples thoughts are on bleached hair. But the main idea is to keep your hair moisturised in order to restore any damage done due to the bleaching process”.

Her Go-To products are coconut oil (ALWAYS), Moroccan argan oil, and Aunty Jackie’s curls and coils curl-la-la custard. These products are her favourite because they keep her hair moisturised and healthy looking. She also buys shampoos and conditioners that were designed for colour-treated hair.

Her hair tip is to not leave your conditioner on if you have plans on having your hair in direct sunlight, she has found this to dry her hair out. She also believes that moisture is key and to minimise on hair damaging practices once you’ve dyed your hair.

You can find Anke on:

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Remember to love yourself, one strand at a time.

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