Help, my hair is addicted

Every once in a while something cool happens to me.

A couple of weeks ago my email inbox was blessed with an invitation to the Design Essentials SA bloggers and vloggers event in Cape Town. Boy oh boy was I excited.

And my excitement was not in vain, I got to hang out with all the beautiful and inspiring ladies I always see on Instagram, get schooled on how to treat my hair by the ‘global texture specialist’ Alicia Bailey, and gain valuable social media insights and tips from Kopano Mocwane.

and of course we got a goodie bag

At this point I was beaming. The goodies inside were travel size and guess who was just about to embark on a trip to Abu Dhabi. Hot, blazing, humid Abu Dhabi. I was prepared to have a frizzball for hair. But Design Essentials rescued me guys. I’m not getting paid for this review, my hair honestly just loves this stuff so much, like so much that I was getting compliments about how healthy my hair looks. So much, that I felt compelled and inspired to write this review.

Some of the products from the lovely goodie bag

The almond and avocado line shampoo and conditioner

Alright, so the best place to start with every hair routine is where you get your strands clean. This is where the water first contacts your hair, Hello Moisture! It’s then up to you to make sure your hair stays hydrated. This is where method and product are important. Now this Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturising & detangling Sulphate Free Shampoo did the things I tell you. With sweet almond and avocado oils, it smells like a dream and is slippery enough to actually live up to its name and facilitate detangling while washing #timesaver.  The detangling Leave-in Conditioner is next, and as Alicia emphasised, apply it in sections to your tresses, you’ll thank us later. After I took my time ugly singing to my SoundCloud playlist in my moms bathroom while applying the conditioner to my hair, I noticed three things. One- a little goes a long way, two- my curl definition was great I was actually ready to leave it at just the conditioner and three- I wasn’t even halfway through my favourite mix to screech along to and I was done applying conditioner.  It was time for the mousse.

Avocado & Almond Curl Enhancing Mousse

I’m not going to lie. I was particularly sceptical about this product. It brought back memories of an uncomfortable conversation in an uncomfortable time in my life, when I hated my hair. I detested my “kroes hair” and someone with visibly sleeker hair than mine suggested slapping on some mousse as she did to curl her hair. In my head, I was like “yea right, as if that would ever work on my hair”. Turns out, she was potentially onto something. Because I could have cried when I saw how great my hair looked after applying some of this magical substance to my curls. There was definition, softness and the smell- phenomenal.

I’m somewhat in love, can you tell?

DSC_0595 (2)
Can you blame me? Look at this definition and shine

Once dry, I picked at the roots to get some volume and mildly combat the inevitable shrinkage. There was definitely less frizz than usual at the price of some length but it didn’t matter much at that point, because my hair looked so gosh darn healthy.

One is not ready until ones edges are laid – natural hair proverb

This was my first time having a dedicated edge tamer, previously it was alcohol-free gel and then which ever product I was using as a styling cream became my edge control. With honey and shea butter, this nourishes the hairline while laying the edges to the gawdzzz and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It also smells like a tropical daydream- the only thing I would change about this product is for it to never end, and for it to maybe not be named edge tamer. Tamer implying that edges are unruly, edges are gorgeous guy- no matter how you choose to wear it, maybe edge (s)layer, hmmm?

Edge tamer perfect for type 3 and 4 hair

A couple of days later I tried the Coconut and Monoi Water Curl Refresher. To be honest this didn’t do much for the fro, except make it smell like a coconut paradise. It fared about just as well as the old pal tap water when it came to refreshing the curls, maybe my thirsty hair just needed more?

The Coconut Water Curl Refresher

There’s still a couple of sachets I’m looking forward to trying out, so I can tell you guys all about it.  My only problem with Design Essentials products is the price, with most products retailing at Clicks above R150.00 per product and most products being above the R200.00 mark. However, it is undeniable that it is fantastic quality and that a little goes a long way. So will you call it an investment when you go out and buy some? Because I will (after saving for 68786565 years).

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, it was such a treat to write and to whip out camera to take the photographs for it- please contact me for permission to use the images.
Feel free to let me know what you guys want to see next on my blog, any way I can help on that mission of practising self-love one strand at a time.  Also be sure to subscribe,  like, comment and share if you’re feeling extra generous.

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  1. Love it!!!° Will have to make that investment when next in S.A… little fro’ needs volume…any suggestions?pretty plz


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