Kaylene why is your hair kroes?

This is my story.


Well I always grew up with the mindset that straight hair is beautiful and my “kroes” hair was ugly. As a young girl, I followed what society said and always had straight hair. Until last year, my hair was extremely “kroes” and I was getting sick and tired of relaxing my hair, having it constantly straight and damaged. I felt so ugly when my hair was “kroes” cause the environment I was raised in made me believe once my hair is straight, I’m beautiful. I decided to change that feeling cause at the end of the day, I want to love myself flaws and all, “kroes” hair and all.

In June 2016, I decided to do the big chop.

Many people close to me gave negative comments and it broke my self esteem. But I got over their comments and started loving myself so much, I realised I’m beautiful and don’t need anyone to tell me that, except my beautiful self.

Few months later, only using natural products and letting the fro grow. Teaching myself every day to love my natural, “kroes” hair and embrace it. Trying to show many young females out there with “kroes” hair that their hair is beautiful and they shouldn’t listen to society.

Terri-Ann also played a huge role in my natural hair story. Seeing her posts and her loving herself so much, gave me the kind of inspiration I needed to start this journey. I would recommend to any female, to go natural and love their “kroes” hair.


 I guess Kaylene’s hair is kroes because kroes rocks. Kroes is beautiful and if kroes hair is what grows naturally out of your head. There’s no way you can go wrong.

Thank you to the amazing Kaylene for sharing her hair story.

Remember to keep practicing self-love one strand at a time.


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